Are you called to our way of life?

The Augustinians

If you feel drawn to the life of the Augustinian Friars, here are some simple next steps to take.

A life inspired by Saint Augustine

We take our cues from Saint Augustine of Hippo, the 5th-century bishop in North Africa. What was essential to Augustine when he gathered the first members of his community was capturing the spirit of the first Christians, a community that came together and shared all things in common, all the while ministering to God’s People.

Our common life is built on mutual acceptance and respect, kindness and concern, as well as a willingness to listen to others and to open oneself to them.


Despite your differences, can you still work towards a common mission?


Do you want to get closer to the Truth, that is Jesus?


Do you want to love and be loved unconditionally?

Learn more about the Friars

Discover our work here, how we live under Saint Augustine’s Rule and how we live out our calling to interiority and community.

Come and see

If you are considering joining us or want to explore our way of life for yourself, the best thing to do would be to experience a come and see day. This is a great way to see how we live up close and to discern it for yourself.

To enquire about a come and see visit, get in touch with Fr Gladson OSA.

Meet Fr Gladson OSA

Fr Gladson Dabre OSA is our Vocations Director and he would be happy to help you to explore Augustinian life and to discern your vocation. 

To get in touch with him or to enquire about a come and see visit, please use the email below.