Discerning your vocation

What is God calling you to do with this life?

‘Our hearts are restless, until they rest in you’

This quote is one of Saint Augustine’s most famous lines and it expresses what it is like to search for God and to discern what He is calling you to do with the life He has given you.

Like many of us, Saint Augustine was restless in his search for meaning, often looking for happiness in all the wrong places. His approach to life is ‘don't do it alone!’ Our human frailties mean that we need help from God, the one who is beyond us, yet closer to us than we are to ourselves.

What is God calling you to?

Who is Saint Augustine?

Born in 354 AD in Algeria, Africa, Saint Augustine continues to connect with people today through his inspiring writings and his compelling life story.

Come & see

Curious about the life of the Augustinian Friars and want to experience it for yourself? Find out more about our come and see experience, a way to see our way of life up close and discern it for yourself.

Interested in our way of life?

As Augustinian Friars, we live together in community, inspired by Saint Augustine’s rule of life, working to help the restless to find happiness in God.