Exploring prayer

Through prayer, we connect with God in the depths of our hearts and are slowly transformed through His love.

How can we pray for you?

Our community of friars would be happy to pray for you, simply make a prayer request here.

Augustine on

Augustine on the Gentleness of God

Our creator God who meets us in the quiet.

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Augustine on Searching for God

We seek for God and, once we have found God, the search begins all over again.

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Augustine on Mary the Mother of God

Mary, full of grace.

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Augustine on Lent

The desert is often the arena in which God acts and in which God’s will is made clear.

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Augustine on Christmas

When God became flesh and dwelt among us.

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Augustine on the Goodness of Creation

Every single thing that God has made, and continues to hold in being, is good.

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Augustine on Justice and Peace

What role do we play play in shaping a better world?

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Augustine on Addiction and Grace

Allowing God’s grace to transform us from within.

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Augustine on the Eucharist

Saint Augustine on ‘the Sacrament of love’.

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Augustine on friendship

Friendship is a grace. It comes from God who is the author and giver of friendships.

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Augustine on the pursuit of happiness

Saint Augustine famously said that we are restless until we rest in God and the discovery of his life is that true happiness can only be found in God.

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Augustine on community

In the year 397, Augustine wrote a rule of common life for lay Christians where he shares a model for Christian community.

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Augustine on prayer

Saint Augustine believed that prayer should constantly flow through the life of a Christian, expressing our constant desire for God.

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Meet the Friends of Augustine, a community inspired by the way of life of Saint Augustine.

Our life of prayer

In prayer, we use the model of Saint Augustine which is relational and embraces God as our constant companion.

Union with God

In his Confessions, St. Augustine writes that his experience taught him that God was closer to him than Augustine was to himself. In prayer, we become one with others and there is a union of hearts which binds us together in solidarity and love. Prayer for St. Augustine is one of the ways we become one heart and one mind in God.

Union with each other

We believe that we are never alone but always in community and communion with each other. In prayer, we dialogue with Jesus Christ, the teacher within. A time of quiet and contemplation assists us to listen to the healer of our souls. Christ the doctor.

Hearing the word

Through Scripture, we are truly in dialogue with God and our community. An Augustinian approach to prayer is not just to connect with God but to allow God to change us as we reflect on what we hear. Personal prayer is an opportunity to slow down and listen to what we have heard in our dialogues with others and with the Teacher within.

Moving outwards in love

In prayer God always guides, teaches, heals and transforms us to move beyond self and bring others into that experience of transformation. Because of prayer, we receive the courage to love, heal, preach and live out the Gospel of Christ.