Lent with the Augustinians- HOZANA

From Ash Wednesday till Easter, we are inviting you to journey with us in prayer this Lent!

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Community and communion with others was important part of St. Augustine's life. He spent most of his life in a community setting, both in friendship and common search for God. He wrote the rule for future religious and consecrated men and women, reminding them of their main purpose “(for you) having come together is to live harmoniously in your house, intent upon God in oneness of mind and heart.” (Rule of St. Augustine 1:2)

As an earthly pilgrim, life for Augustine was about mutual friendship and fruitful relationship based on a mutual encounter with God within a community. Our current experience reminds us how much we need that community to encourage us to carry on despite of struggles in our daily experience. Today, more than ever, the words “no one can live as an island while journeying through life” have become a reality. We need each other to grow and become fruitful as we respond to the call of holiness.

Therefore, St. Augustine reminds us, “in all situations, in every place and time, one should have friends and seek them out” (De Ordine II, 8,25).

Join us in this small adventure as we journey through Lent. God bless you all abundantly!

You'll receive daily reflections and prayer throughout Lent, written by a member of our community.

Link to our retreat on Hozana

Contributors for this retreat:

Most Rev. Bishop Michael Campbell OSA- Bishop Emeritus of Lancaster

Fr. Joseph Farrell OSA- Vicar General of the Order of St. Augustine

Fr. Paul Graham OSA- Assistant General

Fr. Robert Marsh OSA- Provincial Superior of the English- Scottish Province

Fr. Zabbey Anthony OSA- Prior, St. Monica's Hoxton, London

Fr. Gabriel Tumba OSA- Parish Priest, St. Monica's Hoxton, London

Fr. Gladson Francesco Dabre OSA- Vocations Director

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Link to our retreat on Hozana

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