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August 28 - St. Augustine’s Feast

There is no doubt that St. Augustine is one of the great saints of our Church. His Confessions reveal not only his conversion but a journey and a search that could only end in him being declared a saint. That is, his whole life was dedicated to getting to know God and having discovered God he wished with the passing of each day to get to further his relationship with him, the giver of all life. Augustine offers us this simple yet profound thought; “Let my soul rouse itself, Lord, from its weariness, lean on Your creation and soar up to You who made it all. For in You we are remade and find true strength.”

Yet, one would not necessarily see Augustine as a devotional saint like St. Francis or our very own St. Rita of Cascia. Though many of Augustine’s works have been lost, there is still a library full of his writings to read and so inspire us continually. There are many who dedicate their lives to the study of Augustine’s writings. In doing so they often extract for us simple and yet profound thoughts that can help us come to know God better and so come ever closer to him. These quotes are often applicable to people of all cultures and walks of life. One such quote is; “Pray as if everything depends on God. Work as if everything depends on you.” This quote is a clear instruction as to how we should go about our daily lives. Praying is to talk with and to listen to our Heavenly Father, something we need to do everyday. Work is an expression of our desire to do well for all our sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus. Augustine may not be a devotional saint but he can with many of his profound thoughts, guide us towards devoting our lives to God and at the same time encouraging us to devote ourselves to serving the needs of our neighbour.

Saint Augustine............Pray for us.

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