The 186th General Chapter of the Augustinians

In the picture: the General Council of our Order

In the picture: the General Council of our Order

We are pleased to inform our friends and readers that the 186th General Chapter will begin in Rome, on Sunday 1st September, at the headquarters of the Augustinians (Via Paolo VI, right next to the colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica).

The Constitutions of our Order says: The General Chapter, gathered "to promote the common good of all Religious", constitutes the main event of the life of the Order. It must in fact bear witness and clearly highlight the Augustinian spirit and the union of souls and hearts. The Chapter Members, therefore, aware of their grave responsibility, seek the common good of the Order ".

Currently the General Chapter is celebrated every six years. The first was celebrated in Rome in 1244. In the formative years of our Order it was celebrated every year.

Then from 1281 every three years. From 1602 it began to be celebrated every six years. In 1968 a special General Chapter was held in Villanova (U.S.A.) for the renewal of the Constitutions (after the Second Vatican Council).

Since 1974, the experience of celebrating Intermediate Chapters has begun (halfway between an Ordinary Chapter). The first Intermediate Chapter was celebrated in Ireland (Dublin).

The General Chapter is an unique opportunity for the Order because it is a moment of verification of the progress made and also offers the possibility of looking ahead, trying to give answers to today's challenges of society and the Church.

For this reason, then, on September 1st, around 80 Augustinian Friars from 52 countries will meet in Rome.

But also counting some invited guests religious and those who are called for some particular services (secretariat, translation, liturgy ...), over a hundred participants are expected. We invite all of you to accompany this Chapter with prayer, so that each participant arrives to make any kind of decision by being guided by the presence of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord’s will be done in our Order. May the Holy Spirit guide and inspire the chapter members. We ask you to keep our Ordinary General Chapter in your prayers.