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IV International Congress of Lay Augustinians - "Sharing the Joy of the Gospel"

Between June 19 and 25, Barbara Sierp, Helen Hughes, Chris Gent and Luis Arana from from Our Lady of Good Counsel, Clare, and Chris Dempsey from St Joseph’s, Broomhouse, Edinburgh, joined by Fr Gladson Dabre O.S.A., attended the IV International Congress of Lay Augustinians, under the motto "Sharing the Joy of the Gospel".

The Congress was held in Sacrofano, near Rome, with a focus on Augustinian spirituality, Augustinian lay identity and ways to make the laity feel more connected with the Order of Saint Augustine.

The presentations included some interesting topics such as Spiritual Exercises with Augustine. We are now thinking about how we can benefit from this in England and Scotland, and increase our outreach on Augustinian spirituality in all of our parishes. There were also discussions about better ways for interaction between friars and our lay groups (a topic that the Order will look into at its coming General Chapter in September).

The lay people associated with our Order will be working on a proposal for this in the coming months, and Luis was appointed as coordinator for lay groups in Europe.

Please do get in touch with him if you are interested to hear more.

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