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Craft Fair 2019: what a great event!

You just had to behold the numbers surging through the gates, the full to-capacity state of the playing fields car park, the appreciative comments of the craftsmen and women, the happiness of the crowd just to be there, the variety of lovely things, Radio Suffolk who came for one hour and stayed for six(!), the queues for breakfast all day with Project 7, the teas and your cakes drawing the crowds until there was no more, the day at the bar when the Augustinian Amber Ale ran dry, the hands-on approach of so many parishioners and families, their commitment to their task in the knowledge that they were part of something much greater, the presence and very responsible involvement of so many of your children, and, particularly, the thorough and detailed preparation by your Committee and their close, friendly rapport with the craftspeople.

Preparations for the Craft Fair take a year. And that is largely the work of the Committee and of those who will look after a pitch, bookstall, tombola, or a need, cakes and disposable plates, cups and so on. The week before the Craft Fair demands intense activity and intensified concentration from the committee and leaders, and an energetic band of helpers to shift and lift. The Craft Fair is all hands on deck. And then, the aftermath. It could be long, drawn-out and tedious. But lo, and behold: the energetic band of helpers swooped at an early hour on Monday and by lunchtime all was back in place, a miraculous restoration. Cause for yet more thankfulness. Our thanks are due to everyone involved. Above all, we declare our thanks to Bernard Rushton, Robin and Helen Hughes, Lisa and Chris Lord who set the pace for the committee. Their breadth of vision, knowledge and practical solutions are truly wonderful. We prayed for God’s blessing and we certainly received it in abundance.

Craft Fair 2019 has been an inspired success. Thank you. Thank God.

‘Now thank we all our God, with heart and hands and voices, who wondrous things hath done, in whom his world rejoices.’


On behalf of the Craft Fair Committee I would like to thank everyone for their help before, during and after the Craft Fair, we really are extremely grateful.

Bernard Rushton

A special ‘thank you’ to all who helped with the Refreshments this year. It was extremely busy the whole weekend. Your help was very much appreciated.

Annette Beavis

A voice from Chigwell As you may remember, Sister Eileen spent many a year gearing up for the Tombola at the Craft Fair. She has not lost that interest but circumstances meant that the sisters of her community at Chigwell were unable to travel to Clare this year. Sister Eileen sent her love and best wishes for success to all and to Project 7.

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