Farewell to the Bellesini Community

It is with great sadness that the Bellesini community comes to a close this month but we want to take a moment and give thanks for the joy it brought to all of us.

The live-in members over the past 6 and a half years were as much a part of the community as those who supported, lived close-by or visited. The encouragement of friars and friends from all across the world was vital in its formation and the unfailing support from the international Augustinian family brought a great richness and diversity to community life.

The community was formed by young adults with the Augustinian friars in 2012. Young adults who found much in common with Augustine and were inspired by his way of living the Gospel. The community's strong links with Austin Forum and St Augustine's Church allowed the members to serve the wider community while encouraging others to do the same.

It is very sad that the community must close so resources can be pooled elsewhere but we pray that the fruits of the community will continue to flourish and perhaps inspire others to have the courage to live the Augustinian charism of community.

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible, to those who lived in the community or supported it with your prayers and presence.

We would love you to share your memories, stories and photos of the community on the Bellesini Facebook page!

“The God who dwells in you will watch over you through your responsibility for one another.” The Rule of St Augustine


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