“Know yourself. Accept yourself. Surpass yourself”

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

A group of lay Augustinians recently met for a retreat at Clare Priory. The theme selected was "Being Augustinian in everyday life (i.e. in our homes, local communities, work etc)".

We share here one of the workshops prepared by the Bellesini Community. Here are the instructions that you could follow at home or in a parish group.

Now, we are going to do an activity. You can do it alone, in pairs or in groups, or maybe you can do it in these three ways, rotating them. But, there is an important rule: say the question, and answer, quickly, try not to think and, in this way, your real feelings will direct your answers.

Then, discuss in groups: discover about your answer, accept your answer, realise what kind of thoughts do you have at your fingertips, in your heart, thoughts without thinking. “Know yourself. Accept yourself. Surpass yourself” - Saint Augustine. Then share with the group.

The questions: (Fast, fast, answer, go!) • How are you? • What do you want? • Who is Jesus to you? • Do you love Jesus? • Do you love? • What does love mean to you? • What moves the world? • What do you really want? • Do you take care of your neighbour? • Do you love who you are? • Do you live according to your beliefs? • What are you eager for now? • Who makes decisions for you? • What things in your life make decisions for you? • Do you pray? • Do you do everything that you want to do? • What do you need in your life? • Who gives love to you? • Who do you follow? • Do you give thanks every day? • What things do you follow? • Are you happy? • What would you do for God? • Can you forgive everything? • What things lead your decisions? • What do you want? • What are you useful for?

• What would you want in life? • What do you really need? • What do you want from this weekend? • Who are the people you love? • What things do you love? • Who are you? • What do you really need? • What more do you want to say?