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August 28 - Saint Augustine - a prolific writer, an accomplished preacher, a monastic leader, a theo

On August 28, we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Augustine, one of the great founders of monasticism in the Western Church, bishop, theologian, preacher, writer and doctor of the Church. None of these titles, though accurate, would please him, however, as much as the simple one he used to describe himself: "servant of God". For whatever we achieve in life, whatever gifts and talents we have been given, are of little value unless they lead us, as they did Augustine, to know, love, and serve God ever more deeply. Augustine was born in Tagaste, Souk-Ahras, Algeria on November 13, 354 to Patricius , a pagan, and Monica, a fervent Catholic. He was endowed with abundant human and intellectual gi

August 27 - Saint Monica - not afraid to live her faith openly nor to share it with others

The Church has set aside August 27 and August 28 for the celebration of two saints of special significance to us and to each other - a mother and a son whose journey to holiness was made together. Saint Augustine acknowledges that he was brought to faith in the Church through the prayers and tears of his saintly mother, who, in turn, was led to confident trust in God through the prayers she offered continually for her wayward son. Monica was born in Tagaste, present day Algeria, in 331, to a deeply Christian family of some means. She was given in marriage to Patricius, a pagan who was a small land-owner. Together they had three children, Augustine, Navigius, and a daughter whose name is not

Fr Brian Lawlor O.S.A. R.I.P.

(updated on July 23 - from St Mary's Church Harborne newsletter) Fr Brian Lawlor OSA died peacefully last Monday 16 July in the QE at 7.30pm, with Fr Bernard Rolls, the Prior of the Birmingham Community, seated beside him. His Requiem will take place on Thursday 26 July at 12.00 noon, here in St Mary’s, followed by burial alongside his great friend Fr Killian O’Mahony OSA, in our Vivian Close cemetery. His remains will be received into Church at 6.00pm on Wednesday 25 July. Fr Brian has an extensive family in Ireland, many flying over for his Funeral, plus a large following in both St John Stone’s and the Sacred Heart, Southport (where he served as PP for 24 years) and in Hammersmith where h


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