A church without walls


Our Vision is of a Church which accompanies people and communities on a journey towards greater understanding, unity and love.


Growing in Faith

With parishes spread throughout Britain, it is important that the young people across our parishes have the opportunity to come together to experience the wider church and the diversity of the Augustinian charism.
National and International Augustinian events provide a space for young people to feel supported and inspired by others of a similar age.

ADULTS UK - 18 TO 50

Acting in Faith

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that our partners are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.


Reflecting on our faith

Friends of Augustine are part of the growing Lay Community who, in different ways are associated or affiliated with the International Religious Order of St Augustine (O.S.A.).
The 1st Augustinian Lay Congress was held in Rome in 1999, the 2nd in 2006 and the 3rd in July 2012. These meetings have been developing unity and communication between the many international lay groups along with close association with the Religious Order. 


Serving others

The Bellesini Community is a group of young people with a desire to serve others and live in a community based on Augustinian values. The name 'Bellesini' was inspired by an Augustinian Blessed; Stefano Bellesini' who worked with young people and in the community.
The Bellesini Community is currently open to applications of new candidates. 


Discerning a call

One-year of personal and spiritual development and discerning your calling, led by the Augustinians.
A community programme for men who will be working or studying in London but who would also like to look at the possibility of priesthood or religious life.


“My faith is my priority, I can’t live without God. It’s like a relationship with someone you like, you always want to spend more time with them. 

I try to have some time for just Him and me in the day and in community by eating together and spending time together - I see God in other people.

I found out about St Augustine’s church through the Augustinians in Italy. When I moved to England, they told me there were Augustinians here and so I found my way to this parish even though I was living in East London. I became a volunteer for the youth group and then discovered the Bellesini community, somewhere I could feel at home.

I think the Augustinian lay community has helped me find myself again, in a way, I was a bit lost before. You mustn’t let your fears stop you. God is with us in everything.”

Chiara, from Bellesini Community


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